Let’s together put the focus on effectiveness and feasibility.

You can see us primarily as your partner for developing an individual hygiene solution, who also actively supports you with suitable technical products during the implementation phase.

You will sense the cooperative partnership right from the start. This has always been the basis of our approach. We are motivated by individual tasks. And our aim is to find the best solution tailored for you, which really helps you. Effectiveness and feasibility – this is our way of developing solutions.

  • Your business model,

  • your concrete room situation,

  • the difficulties that affect your business,

  • the specific conditions to be observed,

  • the behaviour and psychology of the people involved and affected.

This means: A specific solution for you that is tailored to your situation.

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Ready to use products

Trustcon sells or leases product solutions developed and tested by us. For example, our products can automatically intercept infection risks in entrance areas. Further offers are currently under development.

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