We plan 360° security solutions

The solutions we design together with you always start with an understanding of your individual situation and the associated requirements. They are not solely based on our own products, but integrate all technical solutions relevant to the task at hand. Whether it’s about tracking, ventilation or digital communication – we develop relevant, integrated solutions for permanent use, and we implement them using all our know-how gained from thousands of complex events.

  • Antibacterial and antiviral air purification using modern UVC technology,

  • Entrance security with automatic fever detection,

  • Disinfection solutions for the skin, especially for hands,

  • Measures for public flow adapted management,

  • Concepts for the interior design of shops, corridors or halls that have an anti-stress effect and that prevent excessive agglomeration,

  • Skilful communication of the security concept in the actual room in order to convince the audience emotionally and support the “peace of mind” effect.

The different federal state specifications are of little help. They often cause more uncertainty than supporting the feeling of security.

However, as an entrepreneur or managing director you have higher goals. You primarily want to give people back a sense of security and protection.

Therefore, we see the task of location-specific and business-appropriate hygiene security to be fundamentally more complex.

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Planning and implementing solutions

Solutions from TRUSTCON HYGIENE SOLUTIONS are applied wherever many people want or need to move, stay or arrange themselves with each other for a short period of time, permanently or throughout the day.

  • Stadiums & halls (concerts, sports etc.)

  • Film studios/film sets, theatres, cinemas, museums

  • Hotels/lobbies, congress rooms/auditoriums

  • Production halls and production facilities

  • Waiting areas (airports, railway stations, offices)

  • Consumer markets

  • Open space offices, and much more.

The 4-fold advantage of a customised hygiene solution

Compliance with legal requirements is a matter of course.
But only an individual solution covers the requirements relevant to you to create maximum value for employees, customers and the public.

1. They ensure greater hygiene safety in the right spots, at the right level and thus effectively fight waves of viral or bacterial diseases.

2. They support a positive attitude towards the life of your employees and customers by offering them more security and protection.

3. They meet the law and public requirements and thus prevent “catastropic” reputational crises.

4. They strengthen your business base and open the way for higher sales.

Ready to use products

Trustcon sells or leases product solutions developed and tested by us. For example, our products can automatically intercept infection risks in entrance areas. Further offers are currently under development.

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