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Many people are worried. They follow the “social distancing” guidelines, avoiding public places, halls, cinemas, shops or restaurants. They prefer to buy online rather than in local shops and ignore cultural events.
This has serious economic consequences for organisers, operators and owners. Your business activity is at risk. It is threatened by …

  • lack of sales and high losses,

  • illiquidity to the point of insolvency,

  • image loss and business closure.

TRUSTCON HYGIENE SOLUTIONS has developed products and concepts which help you fight off these dangers.

We will help you with hygiene solutions that are exactly right for you and your situation.

Show that you really care about your employees and your customers – it’s worth it!

The positive effect of a hygiene solution tailored to your specific requirements is benefit to your employees and customers, above all. Sophisticated solutions create trust and give you the certainty that you have not only done what is necessary but also what is right for all parties involved.

In addition, you visibly communicate to the outside world that you care about people’s well-being and thus also show the value you attach to employee and customer relations as a company.

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Ready to use products

Trustcon sells or leases product solutions developed and tested by us. For example, our products can automatically intercept infection risks in entrance areas. Further offers are currently under development.

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